Online attendance App Helps Reduce Employee Truancy Levels

People from time to time would like to take a day off or having the need to go for their medical check-ups, using their annual leave or medical leave. You might also be having to deal with with a particular employees that barely comes to work and coming up with creative excuses (or using the same ones) and it can be hard to keep track of them, knowing who has been taking day offs fairly vs the ones who don’t really show up at all.

Too many employees not coming to work can cause the work productivity to degrade and business will be running slowly. With digitalisation tools coming on the rise and companies slowly adopting them for their benefit, online attendance application could help in reducing truancy levels in your company.

Here’s how you can reduce employee truancy levels:

Reduce stress

You might be thinking that implementing these things would just bring more stress on your staff but it actually helps reduce it. Online attendance applications gives you the chance to plan out and fix the work environment where you can see what makes your employees less stress and more productive when being in the office.

Create a culture of discipline

Even a relax company needs a form of discipline to ensure that business is running smooth. Whether your employees are working at home or are able to come in whenever they like, the application helps you keep track of their attendance and for you to ensure that they are not taking advantage of such environment in the company.

Monitor Employee Absences

Online attendance applications makes it easier for you to detect who has been frequently not attending work. The HAUZ application comes with a reporting system where you are also able to see the total hours your employees have been working and from there you can make the decision on how you want to deal with them.

Facilitate a healthy lifestyle

If sickness is the reason most employees use to skip work,the company must design a healthy lifestyle program.

There are various ways that can be done – zuma, yoga classes membership for employees.

Give Extra Leave together

Although employees already have annual entitlements, the company can add extra 1-2 days and considered it able to reduce the desire of employees to skipping work.

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