How is a digital time attendance system better than your thumbprint system?

Majority of companies have adopted a thumbprint system that at the time was very useful for attendance taking and keeping data to help with settle payrolls. It was a cool technology device that has served its purpose for years. But as the years go by, so did technological advancement devices which some can be cheaper and also deviceless!

So if you are wondering what can a digital time attendance system provide that your thumbprint system can’t, then you have come to the right article as we will list down the several advantages that it can do:

It comes with many other useful features

Perhaps some thumbprint systems may be useful in terms of acting as a door access system for your employees to come in. But a digital time attendance system comes with many other features that can be beneficial towards staff management. The system does not only provide time attendance tracking but it comes with other useful tools such as interval reports for your employees to report you of anything about their current task, scheduling to assign tasks to your teams with ease, and others that can help in your daily management needs.

You do not need to pay extra for maintenance

Forget about those extra maintenance cost that keeps your thumbprint system alive. With the HAUZ Platform you do not need to pay a cent for maintenance and future updates will always be free. Even when there’s issues with the system, the team will always be happy to help out with no extra charges.

No extra devices needed

Speaking of extra charges, you do not need an extra device just to operate the HAUZ Platform, your mobile phone and laptop is enough to use the application whenever you need it. This goes for your employees when they need to report to you and take their attendance.

Cloud-based means secure and retrievable data

The biggest disadvantages of having a thumbprint system is the fear that one fine day the machine will break down on you and potentially losing all the data you need for the next payday or data for your boss to see by the end of the month. Therefore, the platform comes with a cloud-based system that will be highly secure and serves as a backup whenever you need the data no matter how long ago it was.

No mistakes, just accurate reports

It is difficult to get accurate data and reports when at times thumbprint systems does not detect fingerprints and the information might get corrupted. HAUZ Platform ensures that the staff is properly clocked-in and clocked-out with the proper time and date as well as location will be stated in the reports for you to easily print it out for your boss to see.

Got remote staff?

You don’t expect your remote staff to be bringing the thumbprint system everywhere they go and at times it can be a hassle to having to report to the office first just to take note of their attendance when they are rushing for deliveries or meetings. But a digital time attendance system like HAUZ Platform can serve to be very helpful for remote staff as they can take their attendance anywhere they go without having to step foot in the office!

Remote monitoring and helpful for businesses with other branches and offices

You do not need to be in the office to monitor your staff and if you happen to have to manage other offices the HAUZ Platform lets you to monitor all branches and offices under one account at your own desk without having to go to the place to ensure things are running smoothly.

So if your thumbprint is getting old and its due for a maintenance, consider upgrading it to a time attendance system that can save your money and benefit more for your company.

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