Digital Time Attendance System can Prevent Health risk amid Coronavirus

In the year of 2020, a pandemic broke out with countries scrambling to contain it and taking all necessary precautions needed to stop the spread. The world has been put on hold while we battle this virus. Even though there are businesses that have put themselves on hold to ensure their workers and themselves are safe, there are some that are still running and operating to help as much as they can with their products and services.

Some companies have resort to letting their workers work from home but many others especially the ones working labour in factories and such will still need to come to work to operate machines and do other tasks needed. The health risk not only lies between several people operating machinery work or having to be close to one another to work together on a task but their time attendance systems like thumbprint machines or punch card machines can pose a risk to getting workers and staff ill from the virus.

Physical time attendance machines has been used in almost every company for years. Employees having to enter key codes at the access door or scanning their thumbprint on the machine. Companies big or small have adopted these methods as a way to track the attendance of employees as well as to know how many hours have they been working.

With every employee having to clock-in and out everyday using the same machine, it is possible that the virus could just spread from each touch. Certain countries like United States of America and India have already suspended the use of fingerprint biometric attendance systems just to ensure that no virus will be able to spread to people in the office.

Many employees from different companies have also voice out their concerns of this health risk. They fear that they will get the virus just as they tap their access cards on the machines or having to touch the same thumbprint scanner that many others have touched.

It is crucial that companies should do what it takes to minimize the risks and prevent the virus from spreading further even if attendance is vital for their company. Which is why it is important to clean surfaces in the office as often as they can. Make sure employees are washing their hands or sanitize them. Avoid shaking hands with others and keep a 1 meter distance from each other.

Another alternative to attendance systems would be to invest in digital time attendance where employees could just use their own phones to clock-in and out as well as other features that can be very helpful for the management to manage their workforce with ease. It will help reduce possible exposure of the coronavirus to their employees as well as make it convenient for them to take their attendance.

The HAUZ Platform not only comes with a time attendance feature but it also comes with many other workforce management tools that can help during this pandemic.

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