Digital Time Attendance for Cleaning Services

Cleaning services has helped many companies as well as individual households in keeping their places clean so their clients can focus on other tasks.

However managing a cleaning crew can be quite difficult if you are not using the right tools or system to ensure operations run smoothly. The management will have to face many issues everyday and fixing them can be exhausting. You will be facing issues like tracking your team on whether or not they are going to the right place that their work assigns them.

Making sure that your client is not being overpaid or underpaid when you charge them based on how long your cleaning crew stays during their shift. And at times, even just assigning a shift can cause chaos and misunderstanding.

HAUZ Platform can help cleaning services solve all these issues and more that you may face. Let’s look into the features that we provide that can help you manage your cleaning crew better:

Attendance taking feature on your phone!

Forget manual attendance taking or faulty thumbprint machines, in a world where you bring your smartphone everywhere you go, you have the ability to take attendance using your phone by using the HAUZ application. With a 3 step attendance taking process, your team would not need to waste time in having to appear in the office when they can already be on their way to your client’s home or office.

You will know where they are

Part of the attendance taking step is to have to take a selfie (or a picture to act as proof that they are where they are suppose to be) after you have login in the application. Right after that, a location will be given for you to click on so it can show you the exact location that they have clocked-in.

No need to worry about your staff lying to you or being at the wrong location.

Crew ran into some issues that you need to know?

This is where the next feature comes in handy, the Interval Report. Whether they are stuck in a traffic jam or encountered other issues during their shift, they are able to use the said feature on their phone, take a picture of what’s happening and input a short description for your viewing.

So if one of them has a car problem on the way to their destination, they can just snap a picture of their car and write what’s happening. That way you will know right away what’s happening without having to worry.

Accurate data and reports

Another handy feature that you will find quite helpful is the reporting feature where with HAUZ Platform comes with other varieties depending on what you need. Ranging from individual timesheets which shows a particular employee’s attendance date to invoices for your clients, you can download them anytime and anywhere.

The HAUZ Platform also ensures accurate data where it will be able to tell you how long your staff has been working for at your client’s home/office as well as any overtime that they might need to do. That way not only would you be making sure your client is being charged fairly but you will also ensure that you wont overpay or underpay your employees.

Easy shift assigning

The Duty Roster feature will solve all your shift assigning issues. You can assign a team or an individual staff to their task and you can keep track of them on the calendar in the platform! Your employee’s leaves will be shown there as well once it has been approved by you.

HAUZ Platform will also come up with other features and updates to suit the needs of your workforce management.

Investing in a system like ours can help save money and time in your company by using it to prevent all the mishaps and tedious tasks that you need to handle to manage your cleaning staff.

Feel free to contact us for more information or a free demo to show you more!

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