Comparing Workforce Management Systems between HAUZ and Biometric system

There are companies who have grown to adopt more advance technological devices to help manage their workforce and operations management. Even though we have moved on into a more digitalised world, companies are unsure whether or not it is worth it to ditch their fancy biometric devices into a digital system like HAUZ. 

Without a doubt as much as biometric systems have helped companies in many ways for their workforce management, they also do come with flaws and issues in the long run that may cost the company a lot of money to repair as well as to maintain it. Which is why digital systems are on the rise as it is meant to help fix issues that devices tend to face.

The difference between HAUZ and biometric systems

  1. Requires zero assets

             To make things easier HAUZ comes in a form of a mobile application where you can just use your own mobile phone to operate the system. This ensures that you don’t need to worry about purchasing other devices for the different locations that you have as well as cutting cost on maintenance.

While for biometric systems, you tend need to fork out extra money just to repair any issues it is having and to pay extra once in a while to maintain the device to ensure it operates properly for the daily usage.

  1. Cost

Speaking of cost, biometrics systems itself when you first purchase it will cost a lot of money.  Biometric systems are usually cost at an estimated amount of RM2000 or more. That is excluding the maintenance fee and hidden charges. HAUZ is a subscription based application that comes with 2 choice of packages starting with RM3 per user along with other additional features that companies wish to have.

Even though you will be paying for a month or contract you will still save a lot of money since we do not require extra features for updates, help or maintenance.

  1. Time Consumption

Even though biometric systems do help in saving time compared to traditional punchcards and old school thumbprint systems. But it is required to wait still in order to obtain the data. It is said that data collection for biometric systems can take an estimated amount of time ranging from 30 mins to 6 hours depending on the amount of staff your company has and the locations you have.

With the HAUZ application, you are able to obtain data in just a min regardless of how many staff you have which makes it easier if you need the reports and the data urgently.

  1. Energy Efficient

  Implementing a biometic system in your company means that you will be needing to pay extra in your electricity bill.  You will be needing to pay an estimated amount of RM60 or more added to your bill every month.

Since HAUZ only requires to use your mobile phone and you will charge your phone when it is necessary, you do not need to pay a single cent extra in your electricity bill. 

  1. Limitations

            Biometric systems are only meant to assist you in your staff attendance as well as generating reports for you to do your monthly payroll calculations.

However, digital systems like HAUZ will be able to provide more than just a simple time attendance management. Digital systems are prone to being upgraded often with additional features to help assist companies more in the future. For example with HAUZ having work analytics features as well as a leave management feature. You can expect more useful tools to help prevent any hassle and issues for your company.

HAUZ is also not tied to just workforce management but it is meant to be a flexible use depending on what you need monitoring. It can also help track your vehicles or equipment where staff is regularly using to ensure things are in the right order.

With the rise of digital systems, companies are now slowly adopting to the new era of technology and we can expect to see digitalized systems helping them in the long run especially in terms of cost savings.

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