The limitations of Traditional Operation Monitoring and People Management

When it comes to managing your business, it is always a good idea to adopt systems in order to help assist you and your employees during work. Companies (especially the ones that have been around for years) will adopt devices to assist in their asset and inventory tracking along with their workforce management. 

Employers would be purchasing bar-code readers to help with their inventory checking as well as punchcards or thumbprint system to ensure that employees are at work on time. As time progress, people are starting to coming up with innovative ideas to make the world a more digital place with the rising of social media as well as digital tools for companies to use.

Digital systems are now on the market to make things even easier for companies and at the same time not having to deplete company budget as almost all of them do not require additional assets to maintain or use them. But if you are wondering why bother exchanging your traditional systems to digital ones then this article will tell you some of the limitations traditional systems have compared to the digital systems.

Time Consuming

Even though devices are designed to be less time consuming to manual worksheets when it comes to handling your operations and people management, they still tend to take up hours or even days just for you to complete reports or sort out the tasks needed. At times you may need to do extra work despite having these devices which will take up extra of your time.

Inaccurate reports and Human errors

Sometimes you still need to depend on manual work to complete your task like for example the reports you need to collect from your time attendance machines in order to sort out the payroll slips for your employees. One typo will cause you hours of headache trying to find the error and sort it out before the deadline.

Tends to cost a lot in the long run

Yes, even though you usually can pay devices in one shot, you still need to deal with repairs and maintenance or eventually having to purchase a whole new device.

No History Tracking

Asset tagging and inventory checking devices do help you keep your equipment and vehicles on track but they do not have a way for you to know the last person who has used said equipment or vehicle. At times something goes missing and you will be spending time trying to find out the last employee who has taken it or having to find the employee who last used the company car when there’s a ticket fine to pay.

Having to spend money on different devices and systems just to cater to your company process

Not only will you need to think about purchasing a time attendance or workforce management device, but you will also need to think about getting an asset tagging system along with it too. If you think about it, you will be spending a lot of money in total just to maintain them as well.

So, what can digital systems offer?

Adopting a digital system will really save ample of time and money apart from the traditional systems that companies tend to adopt throughout the years. Not only will digital systems be able to keep up to date but you will most likely not have to pay a lot more than you already have with devices that needs to be maintained all the time.

What HAUZ offers as well is not only a way for you to manage your workforce but also to be able to keep track of your inventory and assets for your operation monitoring. With the determination of coming up with more useful features and tools for companies to use without having to search for different vendors and systems to keep the company afloat.

No need for any devices, HAUZ application can be done both on your mobile phones and your laptops. So no maintenance required, no need for repairs, if there’s any issues with the application we will always be there to help and to solve.

Save time on manual reports and just let the application do it’s work of generating them for you, regardless of what type of report you need in order for your work to be done or if you need to check back whenever. So you can just relax or do other productive work for your company instead.

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