Our new add-on module: e-Leave

We have been constantly getting feedback and request from existing clients and potential clients who have approached us. Now we are happy to announce that the most requested add-on module feature is here.

Let’s go through what our e-leave feature can offer:

Mobile App:

  • Users will have a choice with various types of leaves; annual leave, medical, maternity/paternity, emergency and unpaid leave.
  • For annual and medical, user will able to see the balances which can be set by the administrator via the HAUZ Web Portal.
  • When applying for leave, users will have the option to set the date and whether they will be on leave for a full day or half day.
  • User can delete pending leaves but they aren’t allowed to delete the ones that have been approved or declined.

Web Portal:

  • Any leave that has been applied from the Mobile App will be notified on the Web Portal.
  • Administrator will be able to approve and decline as well as change the status and leave type.
  • If the administrator chose to decline the applied leave, they will be asked to give a remark to why it is rejected to make it clear to the users.
  • Administrator will be able to go to an employee’s individual profile to check on how much leaves they have left and to also see history of leave that they have applied
  • Administrator can set how much entitlement leaves they would like to set for their employees

To learn more about our additional add-on module or if you would like us to show it works, please sign up on our website here or give us a call today.

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