Ways To Return to Work Safely after COVID-19

As much as we enjoyed being able to wake up late and get right to work in our comfortable pajamas, it is now time for us to ditch that habit and go back to our old regime of taking the public transport every morning and having to wear a proper office attire.  

But even then, despite the cases trending down and the government giving the green light for companies to let employees return to work, we still need to practice safe ways to do so as to avoid giving the chance of the virus to spread again.  

5 ways to return to work safely after Covid-19 

Practice sanitation and have basic health supplies 

It’s a good idea to invest in basic health supplies such as masks and hand sanitisers to ensure there will be no health risks when it comes to working back in the office. It’s also wise to get a thermometer to check the temperature of every employee and visitor before they enter the building.  

Employers should also ensure that all staff practice high level of sanitation by making sure they are wearing masks and wash their hands regularly. Employees should also be provided with disinfectant wipes to clean objects that they will be touching regularly and shared with other staff members.   

Don’t forget about social distancing  

If it’s possible, arrange the sittings at work so that employees will be sitting apart from each other as a form of social distancing. Remind your employees to stay 1 meter apart from their fellow colleagues and avoid physical touch such as hand shaking for the time being.  

Communication and frequent updates  

It’s going to be tough for everyone to adjust to new work measures which is why communication is important to know how does the majority feel about the new set up and employers should be opened to new suggestions on how to make it more comfortable for everyone to be able to work despite the changes.  

Communication is also important in terms of making sure everyone is updated about healthcare policies. In case of any new spreads or any new rules been made by the government should be informed to employees in case new measurements need to be made and so on.  

Offer flexibility to your employees 

Even though we may have gotten the green light to return to work, its better to be safe than sorry but letting a swarm of employees coming back to the office with the potential risk of someone being infected by the virus later on. It be best to split your employees in teams to take shifts (for example Team A will be coming to the office for this week and Team B will be coming to the office the following week). And giving them the option to remain working for home as things are calming down and everyone slowly getting back on their feet.  

Adopt digital tools for the company 

With all the news about digital transformation coming about because of the pandemic, it is no surprise to take this in consideration especially when business is slowly getting back to its normal operations. To help save cost as well as prevent your employees from having to touch physical devices (such as thumbprint machines or access doors with a keypad), there are now many digital systems that may suit your company needs to ensure operations are running smoothly again.  

Even though getting back to work is important to help get the business up and running, it is also important to ensure the safety of you and your employees. At this time, we need to take all necessary effort and measures to ensure that another outbreak would not happen again.  

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