How to manage remote work based on your personality type

You don’t need Myer-Briggs to detect who in your team is an introvert or an extrovert, in many ways you can tell just by how they do their work or how they do things and talk to people everyday. Introverts try to keep people interaction as minimal as possible and are usually at peace when they are in their own space with little noise (or with music blasting in their ears). While extroverts are always eager to be out there, talking to people and having their own mini adventures in their lives.

Both personality types work differently and behave differently especially when it comes to work and being around people in the office. But how can you manage yourself when it comes to working remotely when you are either of these personalities?


For extroverts, it can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to working remotely. While it is easier for them to be around people at the office, it can be different when it comes to working remotely. But fear not there are ways to handle being an extrovert working remotely.

Just because you are working remotely does not mean you need to be confide in your home, working remotely can also be having the freedom of going to places while still being able to do your work. It might give you the opportunity to try out different cafes and explore places you never been. Who knows? You might just find your perfect spot to relax and do your work.

If chatting with co-workers or friends does not feel satisfying as talking to them face-to-face then why not invite them out? Find a comfortable setting in a restaurant or be at a co-working space. That way you can still chat away while you try to get work done for the day.

With video and call applications available on the internet, you can even set up video calls with your team or friends if you are unable to leave the house.

Working remotely also does not restrict you from doing social activities or being out more. In fact, it makes it easier to do so! You might be able to make time for all the things you wish to do, spend time with people you barely spent with. Just don’t forget to take a break once in awhile and relax.


It can be an introverts dream to be working remotely. You don’t need to be around people so much as you do in the office and you can minimize your communications with the outside world. Working remotely means you get to be in your own private space and be at peace while work gets done.

Introverts are known to work much more efficiently when they are alone versus when they have to sit at the office surrounded by people. However, it is important to be able to manage yourselves despite having the luxury to be at home all day.

Be sure to go out once in awhile, even though you are at peace at home, it is good for your mental well being to be out, take a short walk somewhere or use the excuse of having to go out and get takeouts. Or better yet, go out for a job every morning before you start work.

Call up your co-workers or have a video chat with them. As much as you do not like interacting with people, there will be days you feel lonely and possibly need some sort of human interaction. Have a chat with your co-workers even if it means you are comfortable with just texting them.

It’s important to not only have alone time with your work but also alone time while taking a break from work. Even though you might not have to appear in an office space, you need to mindful of your well being and making sure things are running smoothly on your end to ensure your productivity stays.

Working remotely can be quite flexible for both extroverts and introverts, it’s just a matter of how do you organise and manage yourself when it comes to work.

So, are you more of an introvert? Or an extrovert? And how do you manage yourself when working remotely?

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