Pandemic Preparedness for Businesses

In a way, COVID-19 has caught many countries by surprise when cases begin to rose quickly after the first few cases were reported in China. We were not expecting to be on lockdowns or having to abide to rules and conditions that the government has to take action in order to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Schools and businesses were ordered to shut down for the time being to ensure the health safety of students and employees. Businesses will need to active their business continuity plans or change that plan to cater to the pandemic. So what are the things companies should consider in their plans?

Start or updating your business continuity and crisis plans.

It is crucial to know what is the process for decision-making during times of crisis. Apart from worrying about your company’s budget, you should be considering how your documents and data will be kept securely as wells as knowing what are the critical services, positions and skills required to keep your business running.

Finding ways and when to communicate internal and external stakeholders and managing the flow of information. Making plans on how your company can recover after all of this dies down.

Knowing how the pandemic will impact in your company

What would help out when it comes to coming up with a business continuity plan would be knowing and predicting the impact of the pandemic in your company. Consider how it will effect your partners, employees, customers and suppliers. Which department or sector in your company that is required to maintain business operations by location and function during the pandemic?

It is also important to come up with other ways to adapt to a new lifestyle if your company is forced to let your employees to work from home. What technologies will you be using in order to maintain workforce management and communicate with your staff? If your company is forced to close it’s doors for few weeks, will you have access to a line of credit that will cover ongoing expenses until it is safe to reopen and continue your operations?

There’s many things to consider in this area which can help you properly plan out and execute your business continuity plan especially after the pandemic has died down.

Many companies have considered changing their job scopes to cater to the pandemic from offering delivery services or manufacturing protection gear for hospitals to use.

Knowing the potential impact of the pandemic on your people.

While making sure you take necessary steps to ensure your business survives during a crisis happening, making sure the health and safety of your employees is also important. Considering infection control practice in your workplace or making sure everyone wears protection gear to avoid the virus from spreading within your company.

Deciding whether your employees should be working from home or making sure that your employees are calm and well informed of the situation.

Majority of companies have issued work-from-home lifestyle to ensure their employees are isolated at home to keep them safe while they wait for things to calm down. Some have even been replacing their physical time attendance machines for digital ones to prevent the virus from spreading further.

While it does seem that the whole world will be effected by the pandemic heavily even after things calm down, as long as you have a plan in hand and execute it well, your company might still be able to survive before things will truly go back to normal. Just be sure your plan includes the safety of others as well and help out wherever you can.

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