Post-MCO (Movement Control Order): What can we Expect?

During this pandemic, certain countries are starting to improve with lesser cases happening and more people recovering. It is no doubt that soon, the governement will be able to slowly lift the lockdown and people can slowly resume their usual routines and activities before COVID-19 disrupted it earlier this year.

Companies from different industries have been facing threats in their business especially having to scramble to find ways to generate income and keep the business up and running during this tough time. Expect things to be different once work resumes as normal or at least when it slowly starts to run normally again. But exactly what can businesses expect when the time comes?

Will things change?

Most likely it will. Companies will need to re-plan and think of strategies to survive during post-MCO. Possibly during the Movement Control Order issued by the government, you and your team were busy coming up with strategies to keep the business running and you might see how effective it is before all of this happened.

Companies might change the ways they run their business from possibly considering remain work from home for their employees seeing the benefit that they give to implementing new marketing planning to attract more consumers. Meetings might still need to be held on video conferences for the time being until it is fully safe for employees to be out and about.

Momentum in Hospitality

During the pandemic lockdown, the industry that suffered a lot is the hospitality industry, with borders being closed and tourist having to put their vacation on hold for the time being. It might take sometime before business can run as normal for hospitality when people are slowly rescheduling their trips and as borders slowly open for people to travel again.

Agriculture and farmers depending on e-commerce sites

It will be difficult for farmers to deliver their goods to markets or supermarkets for the time being with having no demand from markets being shut down and roadblocks.

Luckily with e-commerce sites like Lazada, farmers can reach out and have their produce sold online without having to worry about going to markets to sell their produce. They can just focus on specific locations around them instead and it makes it easier for consumers to get their produce without having to venture out to markets.

Booking services on apps becoming popular

Applications like Kaodim have become increasingly popular for people to reach out when they need certain types of services like cleaning or repair services for their homes. Service companies will not need to worry about difficulties reaching out to people who need them during this time.

Hawkers getting orders from food applications

Thanks to GrabFood and FoodPanda, restaurants and hawker stalls will not need to worry about their business not having customers to feed as these applications help them not only get orders but also assist in delivering them to respective customers.

We might see more vendors on these food delivery applications soon once MCO has been lifted and might encourage people to refrain from going out often while the disaster dies down and to make sure that no one else gets sick.

Companies will consider going digital

Recent news of certain countries suspending machine time attendance taking has caused many companies worldwide to consider investing in digital time attendance taking systems as well as other digital services available that can assist the company.

Systems like the HAUZ Platform has proven their safety and convenience during the lockdown with not only able to provide time attendance but as well as other tools to help companies manage their workforce. These systems will not need extra devices required so not only does it help save money but also will reduce the risk of employees getting ill from touching the same devices to take attendance.

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